Our Story

Soul Fantastic is a creative label presenting a line of wearable, collectible and livable art pieces. ‘Soul Fantastic’ symbolizes the spirit of creativity, beauty, love and peace. The artistic and vibrant images begin as Sofan’s original paintings and drawings and then incorporated into a wide range wearable art and livable art pieces. These are the infusion of careful selected natural and tactical materials and precise digital printing processes. Soul Fantastic range expresses the divine beauty as well as the joy of living.

Visionary artist Sofan Chan envisages to create holistic, meaningful and purposeful pieces of wearable, collectible and livable art to assist others to express their higher self and to create a tranquil living space where love and joy is possible. She loves what Thomas Merton once said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Art is about human connection. Every piece of Soul fantastic wearable art creates meaning and the symbolic meaning in the design will allow you to resonate on a personal level and with one another.


Can you imagine how wonderful you feel by wearing your own blessings and turning your home into a sacred space to nourish your soul. These wearable art will allow you to express your creativity and wild spirit. Let’s create, wear and live with your blessings in life.



Wear Your Blessings.

Feel the Love.

Gather Your Tribe.

Wearable art inspires meaning in your life.